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An AIDS Quilt Songbook: Sing for Hope

Powerful moments include ... Jamie Barton’s stupendous yet easy-going delivery of Eric Reda’s 2008 “Atripla!” Ken Merrill is the superb pianist for this virtuosic setting of a pharmaceutical pamphlet and Barton’s rich voice, wondrous high notes and immaculate diction detail a hilarious — and at the same time horrifying — list of the drug’s side effects.

By Judith Malafronte
Opera News

April, 2015

An AIDS Quilt Songbook: Sing for Hope

My very favorite track is called "ATRIPLA!" (music & lyrics by Eric Reda), sung by Jamie Barton with Kenneth Merrill at piano. The text is taken from a drug insert, listing uses, side effects, contra-indications with great joy and humor. The song cleverly shows the ludicrous nature of much this language, and Miss Barton shows great humor in her performance.

By David Browning
The Huffington Post

December 5, 2014

“Eric Reda Takes Opera In New Directions”

“Composer Eric Reda takes gay opera in an exciting new direction with The Suitcase Opera Project

By David Zak
Chicago Stage Standard

October 1, 2012

“Yours, Jimmy”

“Written 60 years ago and rediscovered on eBay, a young gay man’s personal letters become fodder for a new opera.”

By Joanne von Alroth
Chicago Reader

February 24, 2011

Chicago Amplified: Fierce Conversations

A Panel Discussion at the Goodman Theater featuring Eric Reda
“This conversation looks at recent visual and performing arts controversies and the role of cultural collaborators in preparing audiences for controversial work.”

Chicago Amplified

WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

January 24, 2011

Chicago Amplified: Fierce Conversations - WBEZ : 01/24/2011
“Chicago Opera Vanguard Marks World AIDS Day by Showcasing Music about HIV/AIDS”

Eric Reda in conversation with WBEZ’s Alison Cuddy.
“In recognition of World AIDS Day, the Chicago Opera Vanguard is putting together a Quilt Songbook. The company’s artistic director Eric Reda joins us to explain more and give us a sneak preview of what tonight will bring.”

Eight Forty-Eight

WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

December 1, 2009

Eight Forty-Eight - WBEZ: 12/01/2009

by Deanna Isaacs
The Chicago Reader

July 23, 2009

CriticsChoice: Greek
Andrew Patner - CriticsChoice: Greek - WFMT 0617/2009

Andrew Patner

WFMT - Critic's Choice

June 17, 2009

“Opera on the Edge:
Eric Reda launches a contemporary company”

by William Scott

Jan 19, 2009

“World AIDS Day inspires songs of consolation, hope and remembrance”

by John Von Rhein
Chicago Tribune

Dec 3, 2008

“Sing One for the Gipper”

by Marc Geelhoed
Time Out Chicago

Issue 80 : Sep 7–13, 2006

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