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Eric has written extensively for the human voice, including art songs and choral works. This page includes demos from select works. Please view his CV for a list of his works for voice, recordings, and score samples.



Art Song for Medium Voice. Written for the AIDS Quilt Songbook started by late baritone William Parker in 1995. Performed by Jaime Barton on the 2014 Sing for Hope recording on Roven Records.

Selections from Iconic Waltzes are also included on the recording New Song produced by VOX3.

Selections from 

Iconic Waltzes


Song Cycle for Medium Voice. Poems by Aaron DeLee.

Commisioned and first performed by Brian von Reuden / VOX3.

Jason Jackson, tenor, and Eric Carlson, piano, Mixtape, October 29, 2013, Chicago, IL.
1. Acrylic on Canvas (Marilyn Monroe)
2. Questions are Key (Teri Gross)
3. The Weight of Women (Mama Cass)
4. Garlands (Judy Galand)
7. My Little Doll (Dolly Parton)

Various Art Songs

1. Mademoiselle [2014] - Clara Osowski, mezzosoprano, and Mark Bilyeu, piano.
2. ATRIPLA (sample) [2008] - Laura Quest, mezzosoprano (Original 2008 Version: Full ScorePiano Score)
3. Found on the 36 Bus [2006] - Rebecca Prescott, soprano (score)

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